Thursday, December 20, 2007

Potato and Artichoke "Cake"

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I can't take credit for making this one--this was all the "grape crusader's" doing. I picked out the recipe without realizing how complicated it was, but it came out soooo tasty and I really appreciated all the hard work that went into this one. The recipe is from a cookbook called "Verdura, Vegetables Italian Style," which is full of italian vegetable recipes. I think we picked it up at one of the annual library book sales and then promptly forgot that we had it until we got a separate bookshelf for all of our cookbooks and placed them near the kitchen.

The cake has artichokes, onion, tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, fresh mozzarella, and a bunch of herbs and bread crumbs in it. These ingredients are layered (the eggs are mixed with riced potatoes) and then it is all baked in a cake pan. It was super delicious and very filling because of the eggs. We used jarred artichokes instead of fresh because fresh ones were too expensive--but it still turned out very good. This would make a great brunch food! If you have a couple of hours to blow on making brunch that is. This recipe is way more complicated than most of the other recipes in this book. We also had a pasta with peas out of this book that was super quick and super tasty. Sadly it looks like the book is out of print and sellers on Amazon are trying to sell it for some ridiculous price.

Update: It looks like the book is back in print--we've updated the link.

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