Saturday, December 29, 2007

Indian Burritos

Indian Burrito, originally uploaded by mysterybridgers.

This is an Indian spiced burrito from the Heaven's Banquet cookbook. It has broccoli and yellow pepper, black eyed peas, rice with carrots and spices, corn salsa with avocado, and some cheddar cheese. What makes it all Indian flavored is the asefetida that is in all of the ingredients. In this case the asefetida is sort of used as an onion substitute since there are no onions in the recipe. The Heaven's Banquet cookbook has all kinds of recipes from all over the world with a little bit of an Indian bent. This is the first recipe that we have made from the book, but if recipe is indicative of the quality of the recipes in this book, it is a real winner. I ate a huge burrito for dinner and then ate a huge burrito the next morning with the leftovers. I got the book as a remainder at some warehouse bookstore for $4--quite a bargain.


Alexandra said...

Hey, what kind of bread do you use? Roti? I am doing a project on this Indian burritos and want to know about the bread people are using for it.

Also, I am also a SF based food blogger. Check out my site!

Optimistic said...

alexandra, I just use mexican style tortillas.

I'll definitely check out your blog.