Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of love and sandwiches

Okay, okay, it has been a while since we have updated this blog.  We have both been really busy with work and we have had to put blogging on the back burner.  Post may still be sporatic for a while, but I have to tell you about the best sandwich place in the universe: Ike's Place.

I saw this sandwich place featured on "Eye on the Bay."  The sandwich that the guy on the show was eating looked so amazing that I absolutely had to find this place.  As it turns out, it is practically next door (well, down the hill and next door in the Castro anyway).  They have an amazing array of sandwiches--vegan, vegetarian, meat.  We tried the Elvis Keith (halal chicken breast, teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo, and swiss) and the Veggie We're Just Friends (vegan turkey, sweet orange glaze, avocado, pepper jack).  They were so good!  All I want to know is why has no one mentioned this place to us?  Shame on you people for hiding Ike's Place!

So if you are in San Francisco, Ike's Place is a must eat place. 

Monday, February 2, 2009


Blueberries!, originally uploaded by mysterybridgers.

Lately I have been obsessed with blueberries. I have been eating blueberries with everything. The last few batches of blueberries have been super large, plump, and tasty.

In the pictured breakfast I had blueberries with a garlic bagel with herbed cream cheese. They don't sound like they go together, but they do.

My only question is why are blueberries so expensive? My thought is that blueberries are the new hip fruit to eat because they are so full of good-for-you stuff. I miss the days when blueberries were under $2 a basket--now I consider myself lucky if I can find an organic 1/2 pint for under $6.