Monday, December 31, 2007

Blurry (But Tasty) Chaats

This is a blurry cameraphone picture of the food we ordered from Vik's Chaat Corner in Berkeley. We've been hearing about the place for a long time from various people, but I kept forgetting to bring the address with me if we ever went to the East Bay. About two weeks ago, I remembered to jot it down when we went over to Emeryville to get another kitchen cart from IKEA. So we dropped in on Vik's and the hype was not exaggerated. On the left is Aloo Paratha, in the middle, two veggie Samosas with Pindi Cholle, and on the right, a veggie Dosa. All of this with Chai and a Mango Lassi? $19.50.

We ate this for lunch, and then had the leftovers for dinner. It was very, very good.

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