Sunday, April 13, 2008

Salmon Crumpet

This is our twist on the British "Eggy Crumpet." We learned about the Eggy Crumpet from Jamie Oliver. It's your garden variety crumpet, (kinda like an english muffin,) split in half, dipped in a beaten egg, and browned in a non stick skillet until the egg is cooked through. This by itself, (with a little maple syrup or "Brown Sauce" (Steak Sauce) is a killer light breakfast.

Here we take it over the top. Base layer is a little fresh goat cheese from the Ferry Terminal Farmer's Market, on top of that is some steamed salmon, and topping it all, some shiitake mushrooms, cooked in a little bit of olive oil with garlic, and an herb from the farmer's market, which was billed as a hybrid of oregano and mint, and it starts with the letter "T" and sounds kinda like "Tilapia" and that's all I can recall. (I do know that Tilapia is a fish, so that can't be right!) EDIT, 10 May 08: I've since discovered that this herb is "Wild Tuscan Mint" or "nepitella" (Calamintha nepeta)

Anyhow, this was incredibly awesome, and jut thinking about it now makes me want to go and buy some more fresh salmon while we still can.

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