Monday, March 3, 2008

Artichoke Pizza--Again

Artichoke Pizza
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We've both been sick and have been living mostly on soup for a few days, but this pizza was in the mix somewhere. The Grape Crusader did not think that we should post the same dish twice, but am going to post Artichoke Pizza number 2 anyway even though he made it.

This recipe is from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and the crust is store bought. We used fresh artichokes the last time we made this pizza, but this time we used jarred artichokes and it was still really good and because the jarred artichokes are more economical we could load up the pizza a little bit. The Crusader made his own tomato paste using some cherry tomatoes that were past their prime and it turned out really good. We ate the pizza with some anchor steam bock, which is an excellent seasonal beer by anchor steam.

The weather has been really nice and warm for the last few days, so spring fever is starting to set in. Hopefully the warmer weather also means some spring vegetables and fruit are around the corner! Meaning more variety in cooking!

Oh, I have been meaning to post a follow up to the Valentine's day pie post--the apple pie was excellent! It really was all about ingredients. The apples were really good this year (I used a blend of granny smith and fuji apples) and we had some stellar honey that the Crusader's parents gave us from a bee keeper in West Virginia. Hopefully the bees will stick around because I sure do love their sweet sweet nectar!

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