Sunday, February 3, 2008

Green Tea Cupcakes

From "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World." So far, these were "Optimistic's" favorite cupcakes from this cookbook.

These called for Matcha green tea powder, which of course, we didn't have. So we toasted Jasmine Pearl Green Tea in an iron skillet until fragrant and dry, then ground it to powder in a mortar and pestle. Finally, we took that powder and sifted it through a cheesecloth until the large twiggy bits were in the cloth, and nothing remained in the pestle except a fine green tea dust.

Since the Matcha powder sold in most places is steamed, and steeping or steaming tea will remove most of the caffeine, (in fact, steeping a tea for as little as 30 seconds will extract almost all the caffeine from the leaves,) the Matcha powder is largely decaf. Our green tea powder was full-bore, so eating one or two cupcakes was quite a jolting experience. (Which was dangerous, since they were sooooooo tasty.) For the few days that the cupcakes existed, we were both pretty wired.

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