Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cheese Plate

Last night for dinner, we had an awesome cheese plate made from things we got at the Ferry Marketplace:

Clockwise from the top: At noon, Semifreddies sweet bagette, at three, fresh "Veggie Jack" cheese from an awesome vendor in the market. We'd like to tell you who, but the packaging for these cheese simply said "please enjoy." So we did. At Six o'clock, seared radicchio, (Quarter it, brush it with olive oil and salt, let it sit for an hour, then sear it in an ultra hot iron skillet for two minutes per side.) At nine, seared Cava Cava oranges, (Peeled, quartered, and then the quarters were each torn in half horizontally, tossed on that super hot skillet right after the radicchio was turned, and seared for just two minutes.)

This all turned out to pair very well with one another. The cheese was strong and cheesy, the radicchio was very bitter, and the oranges were sweet but full of subtle flavors. The end result was a lot of things that complimented each other very well.

We served this with Alexander Valley Vineyard's "New Gewurtz" Gewurtztraminer, (2006) a nice fruity sweet white wine that goes very well with many things, it's a good wine to have when you are unsure of which wine goes with what, since it is sort of wide open, flavorwise. We didn't drink much wine befre this year, so when we started drinking wine (cause it is so cheap here in California,) we started with Gewurtztraminer wine, because it was very accessable, tasty, not a taste that required an educated palette, but still somewhat "wine-like."

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