Sunday, December 14, 2008

Broccoli Burritos

Broccoli Burritos, originally uploaded by mysterybridgers.

This burrito is an homage to the broccoli burritos that my mom used to make when I was a kid.

The beans are just refried beans from a can (Bearitos, Amy's, or Rosarita vegetarian brands are pretty good), the rice is just prepared jasmin rice, the avocado is just avocado mashed with a little bit of lime juice and salt, and the salsa is jarred salsa (in this case Amy's roasted veggie salsa). The broccoli is what makes these burritos special.

The broccoli is cleaned and cut into florets. Then we run it through a champion juicer without the juicing attachment on the bottom. This results in a fairly uniform shredded broccoli. You could probably duplicate this by running it through the shredder on a food processor or chopping it up pretty small with a chef's knife.

Once the broccoli is shredded, it gets added to a pan where chopped onions and a little bit of garlic have been softening in a little bit of oil or butter. A little bit of chili powder and soy sauce gets added to taste and then cook the broccoli until done.

All of these components then go into a tortilla and eaten. (There is a debate as to whether the beans or the rice should go onto the tortillas first--I prefer rice first, the Crusader prefers beans first, but you can decide that for yourself). You can also add some cheddar cheese and/or some plain yogurt (instead of sour cream) on top. These are very tasty even though they are not the prettiest burritos.

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The Grape Crusader said...

Let me explain the "beans first" philosophy. The burrito should be constructed warmest to coldest, so that the guac and the salsa stay cool and crisp all the way through the burrito. You add beans first because they hold the most heat, then cheese, so the beans melt it just a little bit, then rice, then other stuff.