Saturday, May 24, 2008

I dreamed I ate at Mandalay

naked eggplant2, originally uploaded by mysterybridgers.

We try not to eat out too often, but at the end of a long week sometimes it is nice to let someone else do the cooking. This is "Naked Eggplant" from the Burmese restaurant Mandalay here in the City (you can see mango chicken in the background). We tried Burma Superstar once because we had heard that it was the best Burmese restaurant in the City, but we much prefer Mandalay. The people that run the place are really nice and the food is always good. Also, depending on how much you order, it can be cheap or moderately priced. The Naked Eggplant is a special, but I order it every time I see it there because it is delicious. The eggplant is soft and creamy and the sauce is sweet and spicy. If they don't have the Naked Eggplant, I usually order a shrimp dish like mango prawns or rainbow prawns ( all looks like shrimp to me). They also have a phenomenal tea salad that has all kinds of weird stuff in it, but tastes very good. So, all in all, Mandalay is highly recommended.

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