Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie, originally uploaded by mysterybridgers.

This shepherd's pie looks messy, but it is really good. It is from my new favorite cookbook: The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook. I have been eyeing this book for a while and one day while browsing Borders with a 30% off coupon in my purse, I decided to get it (by the way, those 30% off coupons are dangerous--they may cause habitual book buying). We have been on a cooking spree out of this cookbook. We have already made lentil soup with potatoes and chard, kale and cannellini bean stew, creamy broccoli and pasta bake (very tasty--I ate it for 3 days), and seitan cheese steaks (which were actually very much like a classic Philly cheese steak--or at least the vegetarian versions I tasted in Philly and it was very simple to make). I have been lazy and did not take any pictures of those--although I should have taken a picture of the cheese steaks because they looked pretty with a bunch of rughetta piled on top (the rughetta season is over, so we will have to wait until next year to get some more of that at the farmer's market).

The shepherd's pie is made with chopped up Amy's california veggie burgers, onions, carrots, frozen peas, frozen corn, a bunch of "gravy" that consists of broth, soy sauce, fresh thyme, and cornstarch (no oil), and mashed potatoes on top. This really got good after baking because all of the flavor's melded together very well.

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