Friday, May 21, 2010

Salmon Benedict

Salmon Benedict

We made this the other morning when we had a protein jones. It's pretty straight forward.

English Muffin + Avocado Slices + Poached Egg + Salmon (a filet prepped into long, 1 inch "fingers" and then cooked in a skillet with a bare drop of olive oil, right before it is flipped, I seasoned it with just a BIT of soy sauce and yuzu juice) + A swirl of sriracha = Salmon Bennedict.

Yes there should be hollandise, but we only had a few eggs.

Since there isn't much in the way of a recipe, I will offer a few cooking hints involving poached eggs:

1) First boil the water with a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar in it. This adds to the flavor, but it also helps the egg white cook more quickly and keeps the whole thing from becoming egg drop soup.

2) Crack your raw egg into a small bowl, so that you can dump it into the water very quickly and place it precisely in the middle of the whirlpool (more on that in a moment.)

3) Once the water comes to a boil, swirl the water quickly with the back of a wooden spoon until a whirlpool forms (kinda like a downspout.) Then quickly dump your egg right in the middle. The spinning water will hold the egg in the middle of the pot, and it won't allow the egg to spread out in the water. (Once the egg is in the water, you don't need to keep spinning the water.) By the time the water slows down, the egg has hardened up enough not to come apart.

4) Cook it from 3 to 6 minutes, depending upon how raw you like the middle. These eggs were cooked on the long side, about 4 minutes or so each.

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